About the Brain, Body, and Self Laboratory

The Brain, Body, and Self Lab focuses on investigating the cognitive processes and brain mechanisms that underlie our perceptual awareness of our own bodies. Our research has unveiled significant insights into the perceptual and computational principles that determine bodily self-awareness, the associated cortical and subcortical networks, and the impact of bodily self-representation on higher cognitive functions, including episodic memory, sense of self-location, and self-concept. Additionally, we aim to deepen our understanding of disturbances in bodily-self perception in neuropsychiatric conditions and contribute to the development of prosthetic limbs and virtual reality simulations that more closely mimic the sensation of real limbs and bodies. Our long-term, overarching goal is to unravel how the brain implements the sense of 'I' in both health and disease.


[2024-05-24] Pain shapes our bodily awareness. Read the new article published in Pain here.

[2024-05-03] A new study published in Communications Biology reveals the brain mechanisms involved in re-learning self-touch. Click here to read.

[2024-04-24] Dominika Radziun is awarded one of the five Glushko Dissertation Prizes for her doctoral thesis. Click here to read more

[2024-02-16]. How are wholeness and parts interconnected in bodily awareness? Read the new study published in Cognition here.


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